Finding comfort in creativity

At Urban Creative, we are not just passionate about clothing, but also about empowering our customers and subscribers and encouraging them to spend more time on doing the things they truly love.  It can be tough, with all of life's responsibilities, commitments and also societal pressures that face us every day, to feel comfortable while creating.  This blog post is about remaining comfortable in your creativity and how to not let negative thought processes override our artistic potential.

1.  Create a Sacred Space:

One of the first steps towards comfort in the creative process is setting up a dedicated and inspiring space. Whether it's a cozy corner of your room, a studio, or an outdoor spot that resonates with you, this sacred space will serve as your creative haven. Keep it clutter-free and decorate it with things that inspire and uplift your spirits. By creating an environment that supports your artistic endeavors, you'll find it easier to relax and allow your creativity to flow.

2.  Embrace Imperfection:

We live in a world where chasing perfectionism is normalised.  Seeking perfectionism can be a significant barrier while creating. Remember that art, in all its forms, is subjective, and there's no absolute right or wrong. Embrace imperfections as part of the process, for they are what make your creations unique and authentic.

3.  Set Realistic Goals:

While setting ambitious goals can be motivating, they can also lead to stress and discomfort if they feel unattainable. Break down your creative projects into smaller, manageable tasks and celebrate each milestone achieved. This approach will help you maintain momentum without feeling overwhelmed. Remember, it's the whole of the creative process that counts, not just the end result.

4.  Seek Inspiration, Not Comparison:

In the age of social media, it's easy to fall into the comparison trap. Remember that every creator's journey is unique, and comparing your work or progress to others can dampen your creative spirit. Instead, seek inspiration from fellow artists and creators. Share your work, collaborate without comparison, learn to critique your creativity in a positive way.

5.  Be comfortable literally!:

Our mission is to not just provide great streetwear for creatives, we want to provide clothing that creatives can wear while creating.  We are here to help bolster your identity on earth as a creative, whether professionally or for leisure.  


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