Our Values

We champion creativity in all forms, we believe in a quality over quantity approach, and we believe in the obvious need for our planet to be treated with respect.

Quality has always been at the heart and soul of UC Clothing ever since our inception. Since 2020, we have completed over 500 orders, supplying high quality and durable products to the creative world. 

In 2022, we have taken a closer look at improving the ethics and sustainability of where and how our clothes are being made.  Patience has been paramount, talking to suppliers all over the world, however it became clear that Portugal was where we would need to move our operation - famous for its extensive textile industry and home to suppliers of some of the best quality clothing brands in the world. After much research, including a few days in Porto, we are working with a new supply partner whose values are in line with ours....

The result:

🌱 Our cotton is only grown within a 5km radius of the factory.
🌱 A zero waste policy, the exact amount of cotton we require is measured to within a mm before cutting.
🌱 Far superior quality to what came before
🌱 Full visibility of where our products originate and who is making them.
🌱 Fully compositible grass paper packaging with every order.