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It is over half way through 2023 and the world of fashion has witnessed a transformation with a shift towards functional, comfortable and identity led streetwear.  In an interconnected world where international travel has never been busier, and if you have been in a transport terminal of any kind you may have noticed how oversized, comfort led clothes such as loose fit shorts, Ts and hoods and full tracksuits have taken over the the travel wear game. 

For creative individuals who are constantly on the move, be it touring musicians, artists, or writers, finding the perfect streetwear that not only reflects their artistic essence but also caters to their travel demands can be a challenge. This is where Urban Creative Clothing steps in, offering a unique blend of simply crafted and subtle designs and practicality that make it the ideal streetwear brand for creative travellers and touring professionals.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Style and Comfort

Creativity knows no boundaries, and neither should your clothing. UC Clothing blends fashion with functionality, crafting pieces that effortlessly transition from the stage to the airport, train station or car. Our mission is to provide creatives the chance to express their individuality while staying at ease during long journeys and / or performances both front and back of house.

2. Versatility

We have shifted our focus towards versatility and variety. Smaller but regular drops of unique garments that suit specific occasions as well as essentials for everyday.  Whether you are walking the streets in a new city, collaborating with new peers in a studio, or just seeking inspiration in a new environment, there will be something for you which provides the perfect fit while retaining your true identity as a creative.  Go and check our latest Spring / Summer 2023 collection here:  https://urbancreativeclothing.com/collections/spring-summer-2023?page=1


3. Durability and Functionality

Urban Creative Clothing is not just about style and identity; it's also about practicality. High-quality fabrics and attention to detail ensure that each piece is built to last.  We work with some incredible suppliers and partners who are also invested in our mission.  Creatives can focus on their craft and exploration without worrying about their clothing falling apart.

4. Expression 

Creativity flourishes when it is allowed to break free from constraints. UC encourages self-expression by providing a simple canvas for creatives to collaborate and showcase their talents. By wearing Urban Creative as a brand, you're not just sporting clothing; you're wearing art, storytelling, and innovation. 

5. Sustainability and Ethics

UC works only with partners who share it's commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. We are a brand that values responsible manufacturing, eco-friendly materials, and fair labor practices. We know this resonates deeply with the values of many modern creatives, and we will never sway from this position.  


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