Why Small Steps?

Small Steps is a way of life for us.  Not only is it particularly relevant to the creative process, but it is an approach to life which has countless benefits.  By focusing on taking smaller, incremental actions, it becomes easier to make progress, maintain motivation, and overcome obstacles.

As creatives, we are particularly prone to things like imposter syndrome, overwhelm, stress, self doubt, inability to measure success, to measure quality etc.  Taking a Small Steps approach will make a huge difference mentally but also to your creative process and the way in which you can multi-task without feeling confused and overwhelmed.

See some of these benefits once you have shifted your mind set to accepting that taking regular small steps will be so much better for you than looking at climbing the mountain as a whole all in one go!

  • Breaking a task into smaller steps makes it feel less daunting and more achievable.  Rome was not built in a day.
  • By taking small steps regularly, you can maintain a sense of progress and momentum. Each completed step brings you closer to your goal, providing a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue.
  • Smaller steps allow for clearer focus on specific actions or objectives. This clarity can enhance productivity and decision-making, as you have a well-defined target for each step

Remember, it is fine to feel overwhelmed, and it is fine to step away. It is also very natural to throw your toys out of the pram from time to time (I certainly do) and panic. But as long as when rationality comes back into the fold, you remember the importance of small steps and what a positive approach it is, you will see huge benefits and out of those small steps will make big strides.

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