The challenges of staying creative in today's society

In a world characterised by rapid technological advancements, ever-changing societal norms, and the relentless pursuit of efficiency, it's no surprise that keeping the creative fire burning inside you can be challenging.  From the pressure to conform, the ever growing material life constantly advertised to us, to the reliance on social media and necessity to constantly push work and agendas online, this blog post delves into the reasons why it can be tough to be creative in the modern world but reasons why it is evermore important.


One of the most potent obstacles to creativity is the pervasive culture of conformity that permeates modern society. From a young age, individuals are exposed to societal norms and expectations that often cast doubt on anything different from the "accepted" path.  Just the idea of being labelled "unconventional"  can stifle creative thinking and discourage individuals from exploring new ideas or expressing themselves in unique ways.  Our verdict:  Detach yourself from the norms, spend less time ingesting main stream media of any form, do not let other people's fears about your choices into your world.  Keep creating.

Instant Gratification

The modern world has brought with it remarkable convenience and connectivity, but it has also introduced a time crunch that hinders creativity. The pressure to multitask, meet deadlines, and remain constantly connected leaves little room for the deep, uninterrupted thinking that is essential for creative breakthroughs of any kind. Patience and attention spans have never been shorter, and a quick fix attitude that stems from every corner of society these days can attempt to devalue the patience and time required to nurture your creativity.  Our verdict:  Creativity takes time, patience, nurturing, and also needs space to flourish. This is the side of you that requires care and attention. Don't create based on a quick fix approach.  Trust your instincts and don't be tempted to sway from them

Information Overload

The era of the internet has granted us unparalleled access to information, but it has also unleashed an overwhelming tide of data that can drown out creative thinking. Constant exposure to social media, news, and endless streams of content can clog the mental pathways needed for innovative ideas to flourish. Our verdict:  Protect your creative time, be disciplined about phone time and how often you are drawn to news or social media.

Fear of Failure and Perfectionism

Modern society places a heavy emphasis on success, often defined by metrics and accomplishments. This pressure to excel and get results can lead to fear of failure, which is the antithesis of creativity. Creativity thrives on experimentation, trial and error, and the freedom to make mistakes. The fear of not measuring up or the desire for perfection can inhibit individuals from taking risks and exploring uncharted territories of their imagination. Our verdict:  Understand your human side and your chimp side. Practice mindfulness alongside your creativity, approach creativity as a cathartic practice regardless of the result. Share your work with those you trust for constructive feedback.


While the challenges of today's society can certainly make it hard to be creative, they also underscore the importance of actively nurturing and protecting our creative spirit. 

It is still crucial to carve out moments of stillness, limit digital distractions, and embrace a mindset that values experimentation and authenticity in 2023. 

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