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The Creative Mind: The Connection Between Creativity and Mental Health

  At UC we represent creatives globally.  For the millions of us out there, a large percentage of us will at some time or another have suffered mental health issues and challenges.  This is no surprise, and at UC Clothing we firmly believe in the fact that while creatives are brilliant in so many ways, we are also more susceptible to vulnerability for a number of reasons. We thought it would be good to explore some of them in this blog post and hope to those who read it that it provides some guidance and awareness on the matter.   1.  Sensitivity and Empathy Creatives often possess a heightened sensitivity to their surroundings and a deep sense of empathy. This...

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The challenges of staying creative in today's society

In a world characterised by rapid technological advancements, ever-changing societal norms, and the relentless pursuit of efficiency, it's no surprise that keeping the creative fire burning inside you can be challenging.  From the pressure to conform, the ever growing material life constantly advertised to us, to the reliance on social media and necessity to constantly push work and agendas online, this blog post delves into the reasons why it can be tough to be creative in the modern world but reasons why it is evermore important. Conformity One of the most potent obstacles to creativity is the pervasive culture of conformity that permeates modern society. From a young age, individuals are exposed to societal norms and expectations that often cast doubt on anything...

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