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Why we started Urban Creative Clothing

Probably our most personal blog post so far, written by our founder Mike.  I don't think we have covered this question enough.  I often ask myself the question why did I start this? Why a clothing brand? What is our mission? Ultimately, I try and live my life with a good balance of "success" as well as "enjoyment" / "fulfilment".  I made the decision fairly late in life to focus on what I enjoy and am passionate about rather than what is going to make me money the fastest.  Being creative and living via a 'small steps' approach has been great for me personally, helping me overcome adversity, helping me get over imposter syndrome, helping me realise just some of the goals...

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2024: Our mission to grow our reach

2024 has brought new goals for Urban Creative Clothing.  2023 was a year of finding our feet, of sureing up relationships with the right suppliers and partners, ensuring our quality over quantity approach and finding a formula for blending streetwear aesthetics with artistic expression.  Plus new designs, lots of them, for the months and years to come in the brand's expansion. As we step into 2024, our most critical goal and challenge is growth.  Reach.  Making sure our products are put in front of as many people as possible.  Social media will only take us so far, so we will be focusing on new ways to engage with the creative community alongside the online channels. What you can expect to see from us...

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