Why we started Urban Creative Clothing

Probably our most personal blog post so far, written by our founder Mike. 

I don't think we have covered this question enough.  I often ask myself the question why did I start this? Why a clothing brand? What is our mission? Ultimately, I try and live my life with a good balance of "success" as well as "enjoyment" / "fulfilment".  I made the decision fairly late in life to focus on what I enjoy and am passionate about rather than what is going to make me money the fastest.  Being creative and living via a 'small steps' approach has been great for me personally, helping me overcome adversity, helping me get over imposter syndrome, helping me realise just some of the goals I had in life (like beginning my own music artist project for example). 

I always felt a strong affinity for clothing, mainly because I am very much someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and in the past wore clothes that I felt gave me some form of identity. Why do people dress the way they do? Why do they wear certain brands? Why do people get categorised sometimes based on what they wear?   How do I define myself? 

Well, I am a creative.  Specifically I am a drum and bass MC and artist, I tour with Hybrid Minds for a living and I run a clothing brand. But ultimately I am a creative. And I am proud of it.  So what would happen if there was a clothing brand that shouted, "I am a creative". Well I would probably want to wear it.

That is what Urban Creative Clothing is.  We are a creative brand. We provide an identity.  We are hear to provide the best clothing for creatives to create in. Comfort and quality while also making a statement.  Live via small steps.  Be proud of your creative status.  Feel part of something. Be part of something.

This is the goal. To provide a uniform for creative people worldwide. To give them clothes which reflect their identity.  To the grafters, the small steps grinding out, every day creatives. 

The challenge will be getting all of those amazing people to see it. To be aware of it. To read this even!

Big love and keep creating x

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